Github Copilot and the future of software engineering

I for one welcome our new robot overlords

-Kent Brockman (I guess)

Machine learning continues to evolve from being something that a particular team in a company works on, to becoming a paradigm shift in the way all teams in the organization think & operate. Github Copilot seems to be a step in the right direction and the timing can’t be better. As the Feds continue to drain the money that was pumped over the years, companies are trying to work more efficiently. It’s all but natural, to wish to empower your employees with tools to achieve a better quality of life, during the next phase of the economic cycle.

The ethical and legal considerations of using the generated code is yet to be ironed out, but this is going to change the way organizations code. Coding standards could replaced by a corpus of sample code that could be used to train the Copilot, Test code could be written much more easily, One could now prototype in a UX design meeting without breaking a sweat, the possibilities are endless…

I played around with the Copilot in its current state to see if it is useful for building a full Unity game and it surprised me with its ability to understand my intent of developing a Unity game and it’s flexibility in understanding the multiple ways of describing my intent.